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Partnering for High-Quality Care

Partnering for High-Quality Care

Discover how the power of collaboration and innovation is revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Blue Shield of California, in partnership with the San Francisco Health Service System (SFHSS), is proud to present the groundbreaking results of their Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program. This nationally recognized initiative has been transforming the way care is provided, ensuring high-quality services at affordable costs.

Now, you have the unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights from leading experts. On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, our esteemed panel came together to share their expertise, present the findings of the recent UC Berkeley study, and explore the remarkable impact of the ACO partnership between Blue Shield of California and SFHSS.

Click here to read the full article, originally published in Health Services Research.

During this event recording, you’ll delve into the key features of the ACO program that are revolutionizing patient experiences and driving significant cost savings. Get ready to:

  1. Uncover the Secrets of Success: Learn how the comprehensive patient navigation and customer support system, available exclusively in the high-performance ACO HMO, has led to astonishing results.
  2. Witness the Numbers: Discover how the high-performance ACO HMO has achieved lower expenditures of just $1251 per member per month, while consistently receiving higher quality ratings based on survey responses.
  3. Learn from the Experts: Hear directly from the visionary minds behind this transformative ACO partnership—SFHSS, Blue Shield of California, UC Berkeley, and Catalyst for Payment Reform. Benefit from their wealth of knowledge and experience in reshaping the future of healthcare.

This event recording is a must-attend for healthcare purchasers, policymakers, researchers, and anyone passionate about improving healthcare outcomes while controlling costs.

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Recorded May 14, 2023

Type: Webinar