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Pioneers of Progress Webinar Three Recording

Pioneers of Progress Webinar Three Recording

Webinar 3: Beyond the Traditional: Leveraging Healthcare Data to Maximize Affordability, Access, and Equity.

Original Air Date: November 15, 2023 | 4 pm ET

The third and final episode of our three-part series discussed the importance of data access, ownership, and use and how that valuable data can be used to drive affordability and equity.

Featured Speakers:

  • Lauren Makishima, Group Insurance Commission of Massachusetts: Explore GIC’s collection of race, ethnicity, language (REL), sexual orientation, and gender identity (SOGI) data and health equity design strategies.
  • SallyCaine Leathers & Karly Campbell, TennCare: Discover the transformative impact of partnering with providers to screen for and collect SDOH data, paving the way for enhanced healthcare outcomes.
  • Chris Deacon, VerSan Consulting: Uncover the recent and upcoming issues in healthcare related to ownership and use of purchaser claims and clinical data with Chris Deacon.

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