Qualcomm's ACO

Leveraging Market Dynamics In Health Care Innovation: Qualcomm Incorporated

Here’s how Qualcomm Incorporated (Qualcomm) examined local market dynamics before successfully launching an accountable care organization (ACO) program for its employees and their families in San Diego.

After reviewing health care cost and quality variation, taking an in-depth look at San Diego’s unique health care market through CPR’s Market Assessment Tool, and evaluating proposals from providers and carriers, Qualcomm selected Scripps Health and UnitedHealthcare for its direct contract arrangement, designed to deliver a superior experience for patients.

Written exclusively to help purchasers learn from one another and spread best practices, this case study covers:

  • How Qualcomm analyzed potential opportunities for its population and in its unique market;
  • The four principles behind Qualcomm’s ACO benefit design;
  • How and why Qualcomm selected Scripps Health and UnitedHealthcare as its partners;
  • Rolling out the solution, with a focus on its employee communications strategy;
  • Results and key insights for other employers;

CPR conducted¬†interviews with Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Global Benefits and Health Services, as well as Scripps Health and UnitedHealthcare, to inform the case study.


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