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Reference-Based Pricing: Evaluation Summary Scorecards

Reference-Based Pricing: Evaluation Summary Scorecards

CPR evaluated eight reference-based pricing (RBP) vendors and one RBP TPA to understand each vendor’s performance against specified attributes.

With insights from CPR’s member organizations, supplemented with the expertise of consultants and other industry professionals, CPR developed a set of attributes and specifications for RBP vendors, codified through a set of request for information (RFI) questions, covering the following topics:
  • General Product Description
  • Provider Contracting and Rate Setting
  • Administrative Model
  • Patient Services
  • Customer Reporting
  • Results
CPR then measured responses against the specifications and assigned a rating for each question; the results of this evaluation were shared as:
  • Detailed scorecards – include ratings for all questions in the RFI, only available to CPR Members
  • Summary scorecards – include ratings for a subset of the most salient and differentiating RFI questions

The Summary scorecards are available for purchase to brokers/consultants and employers and other health care purchasers, and free for CPR Members.


The vendors we evaluated include:


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Additional resources for health care purchasers and consultants:
  • Toolkit: The reference-based pricing (RBP) toolkit includes RFI questions and specifications, and RBP program evaluation template.  The toolkit is free to CPR members and other health care purchasers.
  • White Paper: Reference-based Pricing: Risks and Rewards of Playing Health Care Hardball, examines the evolution, mechanisms and strategy behind RBP solutions, and explores the most important questions health care purchasers should consider when evaluating an RBP vendor.  This paper is free for all audiences.
  • Virtual Summit: On April 29th, CPR hosted a 90-minute virtual summit to share key findings from our research, and invite panels of RBP experts and RBP customers to share their insight and experience.  A recording of the summit is available to health care purchasers for free, and to all others for a nominal fee.