2017 Scorecard 2.0

Introducing Scorecard 2.0

With the support of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CPR is on a mission to answer the question:  Are new payment models having their desired impact on health care costs and outcomes?

The goal of Scorecard 2.0 is to help purchasers and other stakeholders in both the private and public sector track the nation’s progress on payment reform, as well as identify any high-level indicators of its impact on the cost and quality of health care. Scorecard 2.0 will track:

  • How much, what types, and which combinations of payment reforms have been implemented to date, as with previous Scorecards, and
  • Whether these payment reforms are having their intended impact on the quality, efficiency, and cost of health care for both the commercial and Medicaid sectors.

Advisory Committee

CPR thanks the group of experts on our 2.0 Advisory Committee, whom have provided their expertise throughout the development of the new metrics, along with Discern Health for its significant contribution to this project.

Michael Belman, Anthem
Robert Berenson, The Urban Institute
John Bertko, Covered California
Mollyann Brodie, Kaiser Family Foundation
David Cowling, CalPERS
Pam Curtis, Oregon Health Sciences University
Andrea Ducas, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Steven Farmer, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Debbie Freund, Claremont Graduate University
Scott Hewitt, UnitedHealthcare
Heather Howard, Princeton University
Frederick Isasi, Families USA
Doris Peter, Consumers Union
Kelli Rhee, The Laura and John Arnold Foundation
Jim Rickards, Oregon Health Authority
Jeff Rideout, Integrated Healthcare Association
Meredith Rosenthal, Harvard University
Scott Sarran, Healthcare Services Corporation
Lisa Woods, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

*CPR selected the final list of measures. 

Piloting Scorecard 2.0 at the State Level

CPR is piloting Scorecard 2.0 in three different states: Colorado, New Jersey, and Virginia. The states were selected via a Request for Proposals (RFP) process where organizations self-identified to sponsor Scorecard 2.0 at the state level. To learn more about the local sponsors, please read the latest blog post on the project.

Have questions? Review the Frequently Asked Questions or contact CPR’s Program Director, Andréa Caballero at [email protected]


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