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The State of the Mental Health Marketplace Report

The State of the Mental Health Marketplace Report

CPR worked for two years to uncover challenges and opportunities in the mental health marketplace.  Here is what we found.


In 2016, CPR members expressed concern about the impact of depression, anxiety, and stress on employees and frustration with treatment options, prompting CPR to make this topic a priority.  This resulting State of the Mental Health Marketplace Report summarizes key findings and recommendations from:

  • CPR’s yearlong Mental Health Collaborative, which convened eight purchasers and a subject matter expert from Mercer
  • Extensive research and expert interviews with purchasers, mental health care experts, and innovators
  • Detailed evaluations of leading mental health care vendors, including health plans, EAPs, telehealth providers, navigation vendors, and digital solutions using CPR’s newly released evaluation toolkit

CPR hopes the detailed insights presented in this report will prepare health care purchasers to take steps toward higher value mental health care and motivate those who provide mental health care services to prioritize employers’ needs and demands.

Type: White Paper