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Toolkit: Evaluating High-Value Mental Health Care

Toolkit: Evaluating High-Value Mental Health Care

Over half of us will experience symptoms of a mental health condition, like anxiety and depression, in our lifetime, making these conditions among the costliest in the United States.  And yet, our current system is not set up to effectively treat or manage these mental health issues.  Employers seeking to keep their workforce happy and healthy demand more!
Throughout 2017-2018,  Catalyst for Payment Reform convened a group of eight employer-purchasers and a subject matter expert from Mercer for our Mental Health Collaborative to document specific challenges faced by each employer and determine a framework for addressing them.

Our group identified three main barriers preventing them from achieving their organization’s goals:

                           1.  Ensuring sufficient ACCESS to mental health care services for their population.
                           2.  Measuring and tracking QUALITY of the mental health care delivered.
                           3.  Designing an INTEGRATED and holistic approach to treating mental health issues.


How to use this toolkit:

This toolkit is designed for use by employer-purchasers interested in 1) evaluating new mental health partners or 2)  assessing the capabilities of current mental health partners.  To reflect nuances between categories of mental health partners, CPR has drafted specifications for the following partners:


  •   Health plans or carved-out behavioral health carriers
  •   Employee assistance programs (EAPs)
  •   Telehealth vendors
  •   Navigation vendors
  •   Digital solutions (e.g., cCBT, resiliency training)

The toolkit includes evaluation questions, as well as detailed employer specifications to help the user understand what it is that employers would like to see in each key area moving forward:

Want to see where the marketplace stands within the framework of these specifications? Check out The State of the Mental Health Marketplace Report. 


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