Data Campaign Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for joining the effort to break purchaser barriers to health care data! Employers and other self-insured health care purchasers have long faced obstacles to gaining access to and using their health care claims and clinical data to fulfill their Plan fiduciary obligations.  At Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR), we believe that employer-purchasers have a right to gain access to and use their own data.  See our Press Release.

Data has never been more important to employers and other health care purchasers’ overall strategy, nor has it been more rigidly guarded by some health plans and other vendors as it is today.

Interested in breaking the data gridlock? To help purchasers overcome data ownership, access, and use challenges, and make the health care system work better for purchasers and consumers alike, CPR has released a suite of educational resources and plug-and-play tools available for download on our website. Check them out here (free for employer-purchasers and purchaser coalition staff upon logging in).

Need more background and education on these issues?  Watch a recording of our virtual summit during which leading experts, including employers, discuss these challenges, as well as opportunities (free for employer-purchasers and purchaser coalition staff upon logging in).

CPR created this social media toolkit as a resource to assist anyone who wants to amplify the #Data #BillofRights message. This toolkit includes messaging guidance around the theme of “Breaking Data Gridlock: Expanding access, ownership and use” along with sample social media messages, shareable graphics, and other information to help you engage with the campaign.


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