Birth Centers and Better Births

High-Value Maternity Care: Better Births Through Alternatives to Conventional Care

The high cost of physician and hospital services has pushed both employers and patients to look for alternative solutions. Maternity care is no exception.

CPR has made maternity care a priority since the early 2010s. Our Spring 2020 Webinar Series on High-Value Maternity Care, Growing Opportunities for Employers and Purchasers, demonstrates our commitment to double down in this critical area in the new decade. The series brings together leading experts discussing today’s challenges as well as new opportunities to nurture value in maternity care.

This webinar features Carol Sakala, PhD, MSPH, of the National Partnership for Women & Families. She discusses how maternity care alternatives, such as midwife care, birth centers, home-based visits and doula support can be high-value options for purchasers and lead to better birthing experiences for mothers.

Don’t miss the extensive Question & Answer section of the webinar- beginning at the 38 minute mark- to hear Carol’s guidance on issues like the slow progress of alternative payment models in maternity care, the rise of birth centers located within hospital settings, and how to address the geographic variation in access to high-value maternity care solutions.

Better Births Webinar Featuring Carol Sakala


Recorded April 9, 2020

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