Purchaser Program Evaluation: Patient and Provider Experiences with Firefly Health

A large, self-insured public benefits administrator in the Northeast was interested in learning more about its new virtual primary care program through Firefly Health. Specifically, this purchaser hoped to gain insights regarding provider and patient satisfaction and experience with this new program.

Researchers conducted the semi-structured, 1-hour telephone interviews with Firefly patients and members of the Firefly health care team to inform this study. Patient participants were primed to discuss their experiences with receiving primary care services through Firefly. Provider participants were primed to discuss their experiences providing care under the Firefly model.

The total sample size of participants was relatively small (N=9) due to participants’ self-selection into the study; however, the study generated specific insights from patients and providers. Patients noted responsiveness on the part of providers and a high level of trust of the Firefly team. Providers emphasized motivating behavior change, building relationships, and patient-centered care.

This evaluation was conducted by Susan Perez, Ph.D., and Melissa Gosdin, Ph.D. of the UC Davis Health Center for Healthcare Policy and Research.

This evaluation was funded by the Peterson Center on Healthcare via a grant to Catalyst for Payment Reform.

This evaluation was completed on behalf of the large, self-insured public benefits administrator.





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