Unlocking Value: Diabetes Care Management Vendors’ Impact on Quality and Clinical Outcomes for Self-Funded Employers

In the relentless pursuit of controlling skyrocketing health care costs, employers are navigating a sea of point solution vendors, each offering a unique key to managing specific healthcare challenges.

Chronic conditions such as diabetes have become formidable cost drivers, affecting over nine percent of commercially insured individuals. The financial toll is staggering, encompassing exorbitant medical expenses and diminished labor productivity. This case study delves into the heart of this complex issue, exploring how well-managed diabetes can be a solution, offering not only improved clinical outcomes but also a potential remedy for escalating healthcare costs.

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Cedar Gate Technologies embarked on a mission to quantify the value derived from employers partnering with diabetes care management vendors. Armed with a robust Healthcare Benchmark Database, Cedar Gate analyzed claims data from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021. The goal was to evaluate the performance of quality measures and clinical indicators, ultimately shedding light on the tangible benefits of diabetes care management programs.

In a landscape dominated by escalating health care costs, self-funded purchasers stand at a crossroads. This case study showcases that it is not only possible to isolate the impacts of a specific point solution but also that diabetes care management vendors can be a catalyst for positive change in health outcomes.

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