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CPR’s New Year’s Resolutions

As an independent, nonprofit organization with the mission to catalyze employers, public purchasers and others to implement strategies that produce higher value health care and improve the functioning of the health care marketplace, we pride ourselves on our being forward thinking and agile. So, it’s no surprise that we make a list of New Year’s resolutions every year.  This year, we share it with you.

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CPR Library Chocolate Box

This 10-day daily email series will guide you around CPR’s resource library so you’ll see the range of topics and product types that we cover. Introducing the “CPR Library Chocolate Box” in the form of a free treat, aka CPR resource, every day leading up to Valentine’s Day.

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Any Way the Wind Blows: The Future of Heath Care Payment Reform

A tornado is what comes to mind when thinking about the future of alternative payment models (APMs).  It’s not because the health care ecosystem (let alone APMs) are poised to wreak horrific destruction upon us all. Rather, the tornado analogy derives from the powerful and influential forces blowing the APM movement in multiple and conflicting directions.

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CPR’s Top 5 Free Resources

CPR’s mission is to help employers and other health care purchasers get better value for their health care dollar.  We publish numerous free resources intended to benefit stakeholders across the

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High-Value Maternity Care: Payment and Benefit Design Solutions

This webinar features Dr. Malini Nijagal, MD, MPH, of University of California San Francisco, and Sara Rothstein, MSc, Director of the 32BJ Health Fund. They discuss how payment reform and benefit design, when applied through a data-driven approach, can help employers move the needle in maternity care.

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