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CPR’s Top 5 Free Resources

December 23, 2019

CPR’s mission is to help employers and other health care purchasers get better value for their health care dollar. While we provide the bulk of our resources to employers and health care purchasers for free,* we charge non-purchasers for the same resources. All money from sales helps keep our small non-profit agile enough to anticipate and coordinate the continuously evolving needs of purchasers.

If the paywall presents an obstacle for you to access our library of tools and resources, don’t fret! There is a lot of content on our site that is free to anyone. We hope this round-up of the most popular FREE downloads from 2019 will be of use to you.

Top 5 Free Resources from 2019

1. Medicaid MCOs as Agents of Change in Payment Reform: A compendium (and accompanying webinar recording) that catalogs the strategies Medicaid agencies are pursuing to accelerate growth and innovation in payment reform through mandates to their MCO contractors.

2. National Scorecard on Payment Reform- Lookback Edition: A unique resource that highlights year over year trends in commercial payment reform while examining quality and affordability indicators from the same time period.

3. The Database on State Laws Impacting Healthcare Cost and Quality: Published on The Source on Healthcare Price & Competition from UC Hastings School of Law, this database allows you to search specific bills or statutes by category, keyword, and/or jurisdiction.

4. The State of the Data Warehouse Marketplace Report: Learn what standards employers are looking for from their data warehouse partners in order to pursue data-driven, high-value purchasing strategies.

5. The Denver-Area Market Assessment Report: A report that uses the Market Assessment methodology in order to layout the best payment reform options for purchasers in Colorado’s capital seeking better value for their health care dollars.

BONUS Resource: It’s no question that Covered California’s report “Current Best Evidence and Performance Measures for Improving Quality of Care and Delivery System Reform” would be an amazing read for any health care reform enthusiast hoping to curl up with their laptop this holiday season.

*If you’re a purchaser and wish to gain free access to the bulk of CPR’s offerings, create an account on our website by first filling out a quick online form.

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