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Birth Centers and Better Births

High-Value Maternity Care: Better Births Through Alternatives to Conventional Care

This webinar features Carol Sakala, PhD, MSPH, of the National Partnership for Women & Families. She discusses how maternity care alternatives, such as midwife care, birth centers, home-based visits and doula support can be high-value options for purchasers and lead to better birthing experiences for mothers.

2020 Maternity Care Webinar Series

High-Value Maternity Care: Payment and Benefit Design Solutions

This webinar features Dr. Malini Nijagal, MD, MPH, of University of California San Francisco, and Sara Rothstein, MSc, Director of the 32BJ Health Fund. They discuss how payment reform and benefit design, when applied through a data-driven approach, can help employers move the needle in maternity care.

Maternal Health Crisis Webinar

High-Value Maternity Care: Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis

This webinar features Cathie Markow from the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC), discussing the national maternal mortality and morbidity crisis, racial inequities in maternal outcomes, and the steps California has taken to reduce its rate of maternal deaths in recent years.

High-Value Maternity Networks: Designing for Quality, Equity, and Patient Experience

Learn how the 32BJ Health Fund developed and launched its High-Value Maternity Network and accompanying Maternity Program in New York City and Northern New Jersey in July 2020. You’ll also hear a health system leader describe how this strategy benefits providers through increased volume and brand elevation.

Toolkit: Building a High-Value Maternity Network

The Building a High-Value Maternity Network Toolkit gives employers and other health care purchasers the resources and guidance needed to develop a network of high-quality, affordable maternity providers who are committed to patient-centered care and health equity. When paired with benefit design strategies and an effective communications campaign, this strategy can reduce a purchaser’s costs and improve the quality of care that plan participants receive. Moreover, it can create in-roads between purchaser and providers, paving avenues for continuous collaboration and progress toward greater safety, affordability, and patient satisfaction.

Building a High-Value Maternity Network: The 32BJ Health Fund

(FREE DOWNLOAD) Learn about the high-value maternity network that the 32BJ Health Fund designed and implemented to improve  maternity care for its covered population.

high-value maternity networks

High-Value Maternity Networks: Designing for quality, equity, and patient experience

A free 90-minute webinar to mark the release of the Building a High-Value Maternity Network toolkit.

Cutting Costs: CHG Healthcare Carves Out Specialty Pharmacy

Back in 2016, benefits staff at CHG Healthcare found a charge for $174K in the monthly claims spend report. It wasn’t a mistake; it was the actual price for a specialty drug being used to treat a rare medical condition. Forecasting further exorbitant costs without evidence of effectiveness, CHG Healthcare partnered  with VIVIO Health Inc in 2017 to implement a specialty drug carve-out plan that covers both pharmacy and medical benefit drugs. Between 2017 and 2020, the program netted this progressive purchaser $4.4M in savings with their plan participants paying $0 for their speciality medications.

Driving Reductions in Health Care Disparities: Covered California Sets an Example

Health Equity Officer, and Doug McKeever, Chief Deputy Executive Director, discuss how Covered California is using its data to learn about its population and implement initiatives aimed at reducing disparities, while overcoming challenges in gaining access to data to understand the problem.

Blazing a Trail in Bundled Payment: TennCare Reveals 2019 Program Results

Jessica Hill, Director, Strategic Planning & Innovation at TennCare, presents TennCare’s 2019 cost and quality results for the various episodes of care they have implemented over the past several years.

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