Building a High-Value Maternity Network: The 32BJ Health Fund

How did the 32BJ Health Fund select high-value hospitals to guarantee high-quality maternity care for its plan participants?

Learn about the high-value maternity network that the 32BJ Health Fund designed and implemented to improve the quality of maternity care for its covered population.  Written exclusively to help purchasers learn from one another and spread best practices, this case study covers the process of:

  • Developing the Health Fund’s RFI
  • Selecting and contracting with hospitals in New York City and Northern New Jersey
  • Designing the benefits and communications strategy
  • Determining the plan participants’ patient experience

CPR conducted interviews with Sara Rothstein, Director of the 32BJ Health Fund, and Jackie Meilak, the Health Fund’s Director of Clinical Partnerships, in June 2020, and drew from a presentation by Sara Rothstein from March 2020, “High-Value Maternity Care: Payment and Benefit Design Solutions.”

Case Study

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