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CPR’s New Year’s Resolutions

CPR’s New Year’s Resolutions

As an independent, nonprofit organization with the mission to catalyze employers, public purchasers and others to implement strategies that produce higher value health care and improve the functioning of the health care marketplace, we pride ourselves on our being forward thinking and agile. So, it’s no surprise that we make a list of New Year’s resolutions every year.  This year, we share it with you.

  1. Lead our member organizations in the direction of innovative health care purchasing so that in their wake others may follow. When purchasers coordinate with a collective set of expectations and requirements, health plans have a business case for championing real and sustained improvements in health care quality and affordability.
  2. Delve courageously into health care policy, starting with a report on our most recent research; Combinations of State-based Health Care Policies to Constrain Commercial Prices and Rebalance Market Power. Look for the report on January 9, followed by a series of webinars explaining how states can use these policy “menus” to enact meaningful change.
  3. Continue to combat harmful consolidation and anticompetitive practices. CPR has played an active role in nearly every major anti-trust case in the last decade.  Most recently, our executive director, Suzanne Delbanco, filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiffs in Sidibe v. Sutter Health. Read the Amicus Brief here.
  4. Continue our commitment to equity in business practices, resources, and research. Since 2020 CPR participated in the Equity Learning Lab, an initiative offered by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Read more about CPR’s Equity Journey here.
  5. Bring together stakeholders from across the health care ecosystem, convening top minds to tackle the most pressing issues we all face, such as affordability, access, equity, adequate competition, transparency, quality and more.

Best of luck out there in the New Year and remember CPR’s doors are always open! 

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