Is your population experiencing challenges gaining adequate access to health care? Are you looking for alternative ways to control the utilization of a high-priced health care system?

Telehealth or telemedicine is one of the technology-driven disruptive innovations that may be part of the solution to these challenges.  As the use of telehealth has expanded rapidly in recent years to include clinical areas such as primary care, behavioral health, and dermatology, purchasers need to consider how best to take advantage of this offering to maximize value.

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Telehealth allows patients to interact with the doctors without going into the provider’s office. Telehealth is a low-cost and high-value health benefit offering that purchasers are incorporating into their employee benefits across the country. Learn more about telehealth and its potential value for health care purchasers.

How-to-Guide: How Telehealth Fits into a High-Value Purchasing Strategy

Learn how telehealth may help you improve employees’ access to health care and decrease unnecessary spending.

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