Has blockchain officially arrived in health care?

April 03, 2018

Public, immutable, and secure. Those are the three strengths of blockchain technology that John Bass, the founder of Hashed Health,…

5 Neglected Implementation Tasks You Don’t Want to Miss

October 03, 2017

Updated on October 7, 2019 Congratulations! You’ve made it through another benefits planning season and you can finally relax. But…

MYTHBUSTER: The more we know genes, the better off we’ll be

August 15, 2017

According to British historian Alison Plowden, “the laws of genetics apply even if you refuse to learn them.”  This truism,…

Throwback Thursday: How telehealth fits into a high-value purchasing strategy?

August 03, 2017

In the olden days, doctors would make house calls – carrying their small black bags and visiting patients in the…

Listening In (With Permission): Dr. Tom Delbanco on OpenNotes

June 26, 2017

Take this special opportunity to listen to Suzanne talk to her father Tom Delbanco, MD, Professor at Harvard Medical School…

Listening In (With Permission): Jen Benz on personalizing employee communications

June 12, 2017

Suzanne Delbanco dials up Jen Benz, founder and CEO of Benz Communications, to tackle a range of topics related to…

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