Scorecards on Payment Reform

Scorecards on Payment Reform

Catalyst for Payment Reform pioneered tracking progress on payment reform in the United States.

Which payment methods are we are using to pay providers and how many dollars are flowing through each? CPR has developed a methodology that shows both. Moving forward, we're also committed to linking payment reform to outcomes in the health care system.  

Check out our  national and state Scorecards, including results from the Scorecard on Reform 2.0 state-level pilots.

2013 California Scorecard

Check out our 2013 California Scorecard on Payment Reform to find out how commercial payment in the state stacks up against our national goal.


National Compendium on Payment Reform

The National Compendium on Payment Reform is a web-based, searchable and sortable, detailed database of private-sector payment reform initiatives across the country.

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