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Chapin White on the Employer Hospital Price Transparency Project

Chapin White on the Employer Hospital Price Transparency Project

Price transparency is not one-size-fits-all. The optimal price information for a patient is different from the price transparency a physician would find useful and different, too, from what an employer-purchaser needs in order to have agency in today’s health care ecosystem.

Suzanne Delbanco calls Chapin White, PhD, Adjunct Senior Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation to learn about the innovative Employer Hospital Price Transparency project. For this project – now embarking on it’s third iteration, Chapin White and Christopher Whaley in conjunction with the Employers Forum of Indiana, analyzed claims data from 4 million people who received hospital services from 1851 hospitals in more than 20 states. The project garnered attention from major stakeholders, including coverage in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Listen and learn why the Medicare fee schedule provides a standard benchmark that allows employers to see how good – or how bad – they have it as health care purchasers in the metro-areas studied.

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