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Christopher Koller on using insurance levers to bring down hospital prices

Christopher Koller on using insurance levers to bring down hospital prices

Suzanne Delbanco calls Christopher Koller, President of the Milbank Memorial Fund, to discuss top strategies for containing health care cost growth. They discuss the insurance rate review process that Rhode Island enacted during Christopher’s tenure as as the state’s Health Insurance Commissioner, and how that regulatory process brought down hospital prices for all commercial purchasers. It’s worth noting that 10-15 years ago, Rhode Island was already dealing with the negative effects of hospital market consolidation. Fast forwaard to 2020, Christopher highlights how opening the black box of commercial prices continues to be necessary to change the health care industry. Suzanne and Christopher explore how today’s nearly full employment marketplace is leading to more employers having the courage to stand up to health plans and hospitals to push for affordability.

Click here to learn more about Christopher Koller and the Milbank Memorial Fund.

This episode of CPR’s Listening In (With Permission) podcast accompanies the release of the State Policies on Provider Market Power Report. Download the white paper to learn about the state laws and regulations designed to address market power imbalances that enable anti-competitive practices and escalating health care costs.

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