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Together, we (still) have a lot of work to do!

Together, we (still) have a lot of work to do!

Looking ahead to 2018, those working to improve the health care marketplace have our work cut out for us.  Provider consolidation is creating lopsided market dynamics, specialty drugs are causing pharmacy costs to skyrocket, quality and access to care in key areas like maternity and behavioral health are not where they should be.  These issues are not just soundbites – they impact employees and families every day.

Catalyst for Payment Reform was founded on the core belief that employers and other purchasers have the power to change the system for the better if they work together.  We are constantly in awe of those who rise to the challenge – our CPR members.  Comprising 30 employers and other purchasers, CPR’s membership is our organization’s most prized asset as it gives our nonprofit direct insight into the challenges of those buying health care services, the innovative strategies of the nation’s most progressive purchasers, and the motivation to keep pushing on their behalf.

The more voices we have with us, the more effective we’ll be.  As fall approaches, we would like to spotlight the benefits of becoming a CPR member and urge more employers and other purchasers to join us!

  1. Hear directly about other members’ strategies and experiences

Employers and purchasers can’t innovate in a vacuum and many don’t have time to reinvent the wheel.  CPR members have the benefit of hearing regularly what others have done, what’s working, and what’s NOT working with their health care strategies.  By sharing challenges and experiences and brainstorming solutions together, we’re helping each other, and the marketplace, advance faster.

  1. Increase your ability to push health plans and other partners

Are you tired of hearing the same story from your health plan or another partner on their progress in the areas you care about?  We are too.  CPR facilitates quarterly health plan user group meetings where health plan participants present their progress on payment reform and other initiatives designed to improve the value of the health care dollar.  By asking the tough questions and challenging the status quo, CPR members are working together to hold health plans accountable.

  1. Play a proactive role in shaping CPR’s shared agenda

What challenges are keeping you up at night?  What are you doing about them?  We rely on CPR members to help us identify where we should focus our efforts and how we can advance our shared agenda.  Whether we are releasing a public statement on the need for greater price transparency or demanding that health plans improve their reporting to customers on payment reform programs, CPR’s work reflects the needs of our membership.

  1. Receiving advisory services and access to expertise when needed

Do you have a specific question about health care costs, quality, payments, or do you need help with one of our tools?  Are you interested in offering online education to your benefits staff?  Our CPR team is small and mighty, but we offer a diverse set of talents and can be responsive to your unique needs.

Reach out, let’s have a conversation about CPR membership.  Your health (care) depends on it!

You can contact Ryan Olmstead ( if you’re interested in discussing CPR membership.

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