Emily Chen, MediQuire

Emily Chen of MediQuire on using data in direct contracting arrangements

December 17, 2019

CPR’s Program Director, Andréa Caballero, calls up MediQuire’s CEO, Emily Chen, to learn why purchasers are choosing to directly contract with providers in order to improve the value of their health care dollars. They discuss what makes a good match between purchasers and health systems seeking to work together, and what challenges self-funded employers and other purchasers may face when pursuing this type of arrangement, such as navigating an array of complex contracting terms.

As the head of a data analytics company whose mission is to align payers and providers to focus on the patient, Emily Chen highlights the need for expanded data sharing between purchasers and providers in direct contracts in order to pinpoint the opportunities for improving health outcomes in the purchaser’s population. Emily shares why the direct contracting space is gaining so much momentum among purchasers. She explains that, when direct contracting works well, not only do purchasers and patients win in terms of better health and better value, providers are also poised to win, as direct contracts allow providers to secure a steady stream of patient volume through arrangements that empower their ability to provide population health management while maintaining their bottom line.

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