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Experts discuss COVID-19 repercussions

Experts discuss COVID-19 repercussions

It’s hard to articulate the scope and scale by which the COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted our lives. Everything has changed: from the way we operate our businesses, to the way we seek health care, to the way we shop for groceries. Like all organizations invested in the quality, affordability and sustainability of the US health care ecosystem, Catalyst for Payment Reform has been peering into the fog, scouring the media, and consulting our network of experts in an effort to understand the novel coronavirus pandemic’s implications for health care in the years to come.

What we’ve learned from health care economists, policy experts, and business leaders has begun to illuminate the contours of a new health care economy, re-shaped in the wake of the global pandemic. We quickly realized that these insights were too important to keep to ourselves, and that we needed to share the information we’ve harvested with a broader audience.

To that end, CPR is pleased to announce a new virtual summit, “Repercussions of COVID-19: Experts Forecast the Future of the Health Care Ecosystem,” slated for May 20, from 2:00 – 3:30 Eastern Time. The Summit will feature a stellar lineup of renown national health economists and policy experts in a three-part panel discussion:

1. How will COVID-19 impact health care spending in 2020 and 2021?  

Panelists: Stuart Altman, Brandeis University; Michael Chernew, Harvard University; Jessica Banthin, The Urban Institute

2. What will the impact be on health care providers? Who will win or lose? Will the pandemic change how health systems, hospitals and doctors are organized and employed? What impact will it have on payment reform efforts?

Panelists: David Blumenthal, Commonwealth Fund; Robert Berenson, Urban Institute; Jay Crosson, Chair, MedPAC

3. How can employers shape their strategies to maximize the value of care during uncertain times?

Panelists: Bob Galvin, Equity Healthcare; Ellen Kelsay, Business Group on Health, and one other speaker to be confirmed

We hope you will join us to hear these experts in dialogue and partake in the opportunity to ask them your most burning questions. For information on attending the event, click here.

Photo by Muhd Asyraaf on Unsplash.

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