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Gloria Sachdev on hospital-level price transparency

Gloria Sachdev on hospital-level price transparency

Listen in as Suzanne Delbanco chats with Gloria Sachdev, PharmD, President and CEO of the Employers’ Forum of Indiana. They discuss one of the hottest studies in health care: the RAND Hospital Prices In Indiana study published by Chapin White. The landmark employer-led study uses claims data from self-insured employers to report hospital prices by health system relative to Medicare. Tune in to find out how the study was born, how the data was produced, and what employers are doing with the results, including a glimpse at a new movement in health care: negotiating contracts on a Medicare+ basis.

CPR is pleased to work closely with Gloria Sachdev and the Employers’ Forum of Indiana (EFI) to help employers achieve better value for their health care dollars. In March 2019, Suzanne Delbanco keynoted the EFI National Hospital Price Transparency Conference.

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