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Opioid Addiction, A Patient’s Story

Opioid Addiction, A Patient’s Story

Listen in as Suzanne shares an intimate conversation with a health policy expert who has survived an opioid addiction. Though anonymous, her story shines a bright and personal light on what it is like to live with pain and seek treatment, giving employers and purchasers a new perspective on how to better manage substance use and opioid addiction in their employee population.

Hearing directly from a patient’s perspective provides invaluable insights for benefit managers and human resources executives wrestling with quality and access issues in the mental health space, a topic CPR addressed during our May 2018 virtual summit. Not only does the survivor’s story in this podcast take listeners through an emotional and in-depth journey, the survivor’s expertise in health care policy allows for listeners to walk away with key steps forward on making patient-centered and high-quality mental health services a reality for their employee populations.

With the news on Mariah Carey’s mental health testimonial, many employers and purchasers have mental health stigma on their radar. CPR hopes this podcast gives employers a new and valuable perspective that can fuel progress in this area. Let us know what you think by emailing with your thoughts and what your company is doing to address stigma around opioid use and mental health services.

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