Scott Doolittle Quantum Health

Scott Doolittle on how an independent health care navigation company builds trust with both patients and providers

August 02, 2021

Suzanne Delbanco speaks with Scott Doolittle, CFO of Quantum Health, an independent health care navigation company providing care coordination and navigation support. Scott oversees Quantum Health’s business intelligence units, where he leads a team that validates the company’s actuarial results.

Scott Doolittle provides insights into how Quantum Health engages both consumers and providers to navigate the eligibility and coverage of each consumer’s specific benefits plan.

Featured quote:

“A provider is always going to want to get paid. They’re always going to call to make sure the member’s covered, and if we’re that single point of entry and can provide that expertise and do it in a way that drives satisfaction for them, they’re more likely to leverage us as we talk about care planning on a go-forward basis.” – Scott Doolittle, CFO, Quantum Health

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