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CPR’s Top 10 Podcasts of all time

November 26, 2019

CPR is grateful for both our amazing Listening In (with Permission) guests and audience. Since CPR launched the podcast in the spring of 2017, Suzanne Delbanco has recorded over 80 episodes with speakers from different sectors of the health care industry across the United States. While CPR would love for you to listen to them all, here is our audience’s top 10 most listened to:

1. Bob Galvin: Why he founded CPR and what’s on his mind today

2. Mark Fendrick: The future of value-based insurance design

3. Lisa Woods: Walmart’s Center of Excellence strategy

4. Andrea Ducas: How Scorecard 2.0 helps achieve RWJF’s mission for a culture of health

5. Mai Pham: Anthem’s goal to improve care quality through adjustments to the fee schedule

6. Rob Paczkowski: Getting Googlers to high-value providers

7. Frederick Isasi: Why health care is the #1 issue for families this November

8. Jeff Goldsmith: Why he’s dubious about accountable care organizations

9. Debbie Welle-Powell: Essentia’s Accountable Care Organization and the importance of risk

10. Sam Arsenault: Shatterproof’s provider rating system for substance abuse treatment

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