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Tricia McGinnis on how Medicaid MCOs approach Social Determinants of Health

September 24, 2019

How and why are social determinants of health programs making their way into the Medicaid managed care realm? To find out, Suzanne Delbanco calls Tricia McGinnis, MPP, MPH, Executive Vice President and Chief Program Officer of the Center for Health Care Strategies.

The Center’s December 2018 report, “Addressing Social Determinants of Health via Medicaid Managed Care Contracts and Section 1115 Demonstrations,” analyzed 40 Medicaid managed care contracts and 25 ยง 1115 demonstrations across the country to analyze the trends in this emerging area of focus. Tricia McGinnis draws on this resource, as well as the Center’s ongoing work in the area, to answer Suzanne’s questions.

Throughout the conversation, Tricia McGinnis highlights states and health plans with programs and policies in place as well as new approaches in the field that are bringing social determinants of health investments to life. Within the Center’s work in thinking through health equity, they have found that community-based organizations are well positioned to play an important role in bringing necessary and culturally-tailored support to patients.

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