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Ateev Mehrotra on convenience care and algorithmic medicine

Ateev Mehrotra on convenience care and algorithmic medicine

Listen in as Ateev Mehrotra, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of health care policy and medicine at Harvard Medical School and a hospitalist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, chats all things convenience care with Suzanne Delbanco. Between retail clinics, onsite or nearsite clinics, and telemedicine, there are many new options cropping up for consumers. What do employers need to know about quality and costs when pursuing these options? What can purchasers and consumers expect to see in the future? Listen in to find out!

Ateev Mehrotra is one of the leading researchers evaluating the effectiveness of convenience care options and other consumer-centric strategies. He recently co-authored a Health Affairs article investigating a benefits programs for customers of the commercial health plan, finding a 2.1 percent reduction in prices paid for services included in the rewards program . The program financially rewards members who use the health plan’s rewards advice line or price transparency tool before receiving care to seek care at high-value providers for 131 different elective services.

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