Cheryl DeMars

Cheryl DeMars on achieving longevity in group health care purchasing

August 19, 2019

Listen in as Suzanne Delbanco calls Cheryl DeMars, President & CEO of The Alliance – a cooperative of 240 self-funded employers pooling their purchasing power to control costs and improve quality. The Alliance contracts directly with health care systems to provide health care for over 90K employees and their families in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. Find out why the Alliance was formed in the early 90’s and how it continues to deliver strong results in present day through innovative strategies, like Quality Path and high-value primary care.

Cheryl DeMars joined the Alliance in 1992 and took the helm in 2006. In November 2018, Cheryl testified before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions on employer-led cost containment strategies.

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