Hear from Mai Pham

Mai Pham on Anthem’s goal to improve care quality through adjustments to the fee schedule

September 24, 2018

Suzanne Delbanco calls Mai Pham, MD, Vice President of Provider Alignment Solutions at Anthem Inc., and former Chief Innovation Officer at CMMI, to discuss the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. They explore the history of the fee schedule, its repercussions across the entire health care marketplace, and what Anthem plans to do – in the long haul- to diverge from the status-quo for the sake of improving health care quality and affordability. With all the recent news about CMS’ proposed changes to the fee schedule, you won’t want to miss this exciting discussion!

Inspired by Mai Pham’s insights and interested in learning what health care purchasers – including private sector employers – can do to improve the fee schedule? Check out CPR’s recently updated Action Brief on the topic, free for registered purchasers!

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