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Employers can make a splash, business coalitions can help make a bigger one

Employers can make a splash, business coalitions can help make a bigger one

The challenges employers and other health care purchasers face and the solutions needed to solve them come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it can even feel as though one employer is struggling alone to make an impact in their market. It’s this seemingly uphill battle that has prompted employers to seek ways to work together to move the commercial market.

One of the most common outlets for this? Look no further than your regional business coalition.

As purchasers strive to achieve value in their health care spending, they can look to regional business coalitions for support. As organizations that represent various purchasers’ interests within a geographic area, these coalitions can offer educational and networking opportunities for purchasers and address regional issues and solutions in the health care marketplace.

Watch Carolyn Pare from the Minnesota Health Action Group, David Lansky from the Pacific Business Group on Health, and Karen Van Caulil from the Florida Health Care Coalition introduce their respective coalitions and share their insights including:

  • The regional issues their coalitions are looking to tackle on behalf of employer members and how they identify these issues.
  • The solutions these coalitions are looking to implement in order to address those issues and what members can do in conjunction with their coalition, and with each other, to help drive forward their collective interests.
  • How coalitions can help move national levers in order to impact regional markets.
  • How coalitions help large national employer members who can’t easily operate at the regional level.

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