Robert Smith

Robert Smith on how a purchaser alliance can change Denver’s market dynamics

November 12, 2019

Robert Smith, Executive Director of the Colorado Business Group (CBGH) on Health, checks in with Suzanne Delbanco on what’s new in Colorado’s capitol since CPR and CBGH released the Denver-Area Market Assessment Report back in September of 2019.

By combining quantitative and qualitative research to uncover the local health care market dynamics through the Market Assessment methodology, CPR found that provider consolidation has led to high and varying prices among Denver hospitals.

Suzanne and Robert discuss whether health plans have done enough to reign in health care costs and what the roles of TPAs would look like in a perfect world. Learn why the time is right for Colorado employers and other health care purchasers to form a statewide purchaser cooperative, in the spirit of David Blumenthal’s November 2018 Harvard Business Review call to action in support of employer purchasing alliances.

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