Catalyst for Payment Reform

You too can be a health care Catalyst.

You too can be a health care Catalyst.

Imagine for a moment, a U.S. health care system that performs as well or better than its international peers, or one where employers and other health care purchasers can give raises above CPI because their health care costs decreased. Imagine if, through comprehensive, multifaceted state policy intervention lawmakers across the country put downward pressure on provider prices. Imagine a future where a person living in the US doesn’t have to choose between bankruptcy and seeking necessary health care.

Catalyst for Payment Reform, since its inception over ten years ago, has never been one to shy away from tackling big, foundational challenges in health care. CPR, through daily efforts and by creating and capitalizing on societal shifts has catalyzed the payment reform movement as well as pushed for greater transparency into health care prices. We have shined a light on growing provider market power and the need to address rising commercial health care prices and the affordability of care. We have helped myriad health care purchasers push for better value from the health care system and have educated about how policy can improve the functioning of health care markets, working better for those who use and pay for care. Using the concept of the Overton Window, which is the political theory that there are a certain range of feasible policies that are acceptable to the public at any given time, CPR has moved what was previously thought unthinkable to what is now expected. 

To support our lifetime work, CPR has been fortunate to receive funding from philanthropic foundations, through contract work, membership dues, and selling products and services.  This funding has allowed us to achieve our mission, providing the bulk of our resources to employers and health care purchasers for free. After all, their willingness to be catalysts is critical to our collective success of creating a high-performing health care system.

Like any 501c3 nonprofit (and many organizations for that matter), CPR must remain nimble.  We recently setup the capability to accept tax-deductible contributions to fund our important work.  You can also get involved with CPR. For example, you can become a member, participate in our enterprise subscription programcollaborate with us on research or thought leadership. Know that regardless of how you contribute, your support is going to a small, but mighty organization tackling health care’s biggest challenges on behalf of employer-purchasers.

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